Providing Healthy Drinking Water in 3 Vojvodinian Regions - Serbia & Montenegro

Private Public Partnerships – A Vojvodinian Model Region

Due to special quarteniary sediments in some parts of Vojvodina/Serbia high concentrations of arsenic in groundwater have been found. Measurements have shown concentrations 10 to 30fold above WHO drinking water guidelines (100 to 150μg/l). 700,000 inhabitants are affected, with a minimum total requirement of 50,000 to 70,000 m³ of drinking water per day.

Partly, alternative groundwater resources are explored in the Danube, Tisa and Sava river sediments. First successful investigations have already been undertaken. In those municipalities which are too far away from the river banks the aim is to selectively remove arsenic from existing drinking water sources by technical means in order to prevent high investment costs into new piping.

Due to the Vojvodinian Provincial Secretariat for the Environment’s initiatives in the region, there are already indications for clustering the municipalities and their founding water associations into three regions. BLUEWATERS’ role in the process is to clarify legal structures, ownership structures and to define technological targets for each water source in the study region. The objective is to help small and medium municipalities (SMMs) in getting organized to be able to provide infrastructure to their citizens within the framework of a private public partnership (PPP) model. Bluewaters prepares the structures for such a PPP model.

BLUEWATERS has built contacts to UTN (Urban Technology Network) and has successfully applied for funds for the legal-organization and the financial part of the study. Furthermore, BLUEWATERS has secured additional funds from the government of Styria to finance a pilot plant for water treatment in a village with high levels of Arsenic in its drinking water.

BLUEWATERS functions as the general consultant and manages all sub-contracts and contracts with the funding agency. The project started January 1st 2005 and will be completed September 30th 2006.

BLUEWATERS services comprise:

  • A bankable project document for investors and financing institutions to readily support the project financially.
  • All data collection.
  • A comprehensive regional study including target figures for water quantity, quality and affordability.

Only sustainable financing concepts can assure the sustainable development of regions and municipalities. Therefore, we look deeply into socio-economic conditions, such as willingness and ability to pay. Variants in tariff structures and billing systems have a considerable impact on the revenues and form the baseline of the profit-loss-calculations, as well as the discounted cash-flow analyses.